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An after school theater arts program
Registration For

Mabel Padgett>Holiday & Parade 
Palm Valley> Holiday & Parade
Barbara Robey> Drama Class & Parade
Dreaming Summit> Drama Class & Parade
Verrado Heritage> Drama Class & Parade

The Wizard of Oz & Parade
> Auditions Nov.7th at Litchfield Elementary


LES Cinderella Cast

Why your child should take Drama?
Challenge students perceptions,explore emotions, thoughts and dreams,communication,speaking in public,being more persuasive,positive,confident self image,anyone can take part,self control,discipline,able to work together,stimulate creativity
is an important tool for preparing students to live and work in a world that is increasingly team-oriented.

 You will see your child has the confidence
to achieve great things in life! 


Make believing is completely natural for children. It enhances their creativity, builds self esteem, and teaches them to deal with others in a cooperative manner. Mary may be quiet and shy as Mary, but when she gets into a play a fictional character like Dorothy, Cinderella or Snow White, she has the freedom to become a whole new much more confident person. She interacts with the other children- also characters in the play - not as Mary might(or might not), but as the character would.

2 Working together for a common goal

Participating in a play involves many different activities: memorizing lines, learning stage movement, and creating costumes, props and set pieces. Students get to experience the process of taking a project to inception to completion. By its very nature, drama is a collaborative art: student learn to cooperate in a group activity and enjoy the wonderful experience.


When a child performs in a play there is the add element of being observed. Often, when you first begin rehearsals, the children will not concentrate on their roles. They may seem fidgety, interrupt, or not pay attention. In time, they will understand that they must concentrate on their part and when others are watching and waiting for them to speak or perform an action. This learned ability to focus is a very important aspect to learn at a young age.

We put on Plays,Skits,Drama Games,Sing,Dance,Parades and HAVE LOTS OF FUN

Sudents have starred in a RECYCLE FILM that was broad casted on T.V
Some of the performances:
The Wizard of Oz
Snow White and the 7 Owls
Cinderella,Little Surfer
Mixed Up Fairytale (The Musical)
with the Phoenix Conservatory of Music

(LES Cinderella 2010)
April 2012


The Wizard of OZ
auditions November 7th at Litchfield Elementary School
2:30-4:00pm in the Music Room
Open to Boys and Girls 1st-5th 
Everyone will get a part!
Register Now!
Rehearsals on Wednesdays 2:30-4:00pm
Dress Rehearsal > April 2 & 3 6pm-7:30pm
Performance> April 6th at 6pm

Learn the
Halloween Medley

At your school

Mabel Padgett-Mondays Performance on Oct.25th meet in cafe at 5:45 performance at 6pm
Palm Valley-Tuesdays-Performance at Truck or Treat Oct.20th  meet at 5:15pm performance at 5:30
Litchfield -Wednesday-Performance at Fall Carnival on Oct.26th meet on Courts at 5:15 performance at 5:30
Dreaming Summit- Thursdays (only Drama Class)
Verrado Heritage-Thursdays-Performance at the Haunting at Heritage on Oct.19th meet at 7:15 performance at 7:30pm

All reheresals are after school for 1hour And start the week of August
(check your school day for reheresal)
Registration forms located on School Website
under  the "

Or just send an email

Thriller Medley

Come and join the fun

Holiday Performance & Parade 
Rehearsals starting the week of Nov.5th
Mabel Padgett > Nov. 5th-Dec. 17 performance on Dec.13th
Palm Valley > Nov. 6th-Dec. 18 performance on Dec. 7th

Drama Class & Parade
Barbara Robey> Oct.30th-Dec. 18
Dreaming Summit > Nov.1-Dec. 20th
Verrado Heritage > Nov.1- Dec.20th

Send email to Ms. Shelly Smith>
Venmo> Shelly Smith@alittledrama
 (include students name and school)

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